Friday, November 18, 2016

Character Deployed: TENDRIL

The next character entering the fray in the upcoming DK card game- Tendril.

A rhyming bloodthirsty slimeball, whose sadistic resolve is matched only by his delusions of poetic grandeur.

Which pose should we finalize for the card artwork?  Vote for your favorite:

And in the DK Chat last night, we revealed a new contest in the works- a massive original character tournament, open to all.

The champion will have their character featured on a minion card within one of the decks.

The game is still being designed- but it will likely be a text-based vote battle.  There will be one-on-one versus matches.  Each player writes, in 300 words or less, the action their character takes.   Then the readers vote on the craziest, cleverest, or overall most entertaining submission- the winner proceeds to the next round where they battle other victors, until one lone warrior prevails.

Should be a slew of entertaining action, a gladiatorial extravaganza where the roar of the audience determines ultimate victory.

More details coming next week.

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