Monday, October 10, 2016

Best Worst Winner: Hole in One

Thanks to everyone in the "Best Worst Slogan" contest- the votes are in, and we have a clear winner!

A clear winner that I must now use.   For real advertising.   Dear God.

"Help us Whip your children" was a top contender, as was "Whip- a girls' breast companion."  But ultimately, one titan loomed above them all:

"There's no need for a hole in your heart with a hole in your plush!"

Assembling banner ads today- I'll share them tomorrow when we fire them up online.  This ought to be fun.  X D

Thanks again to everyone for playing!   Anyone who still wants in, the Kickstarter is in its last week:

And don't miss out on our PollMasters game, augmenting this year's Halloween Fanart contest:

Still five more days to create the most popular poll, and choose which character will be featured.

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