Thursday, May 21, 2015


The Volume 4 Kickstarter went live yesterday- and HOLY CRAP.

Within 24 hours we've destroyed our goal, and blown through a pair of stretch goals.  Volume 4 is now guaranteed for a print run, along with the previous Volumes available signed or in PDF form- plus new Bookmark designs have been unlocked and are on the way, along with a reprint of our posters, including the oft-requested Cast in Shadow poster.

And- so far- we've only announced the campaign to the Dreamkeepers newsletter list.

Where will things go from here?

It's open season on the Volume 4 Kickstarter!  Jump in, watch our teaser commercial, choose a tier, and spread the word!  This is our chance to kick Dreamkeepers and Vivid Publishing into a whole new gear.

Let's make something happen.

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