Friday, March 21, 2014

V4 Sneak Peek #6: Thumbnails and Plans

Phew! My head is spinning, but we have progress to show for it. Chapter 11 pencils were finished in February, right on schedule. Our spectacular freelancers are getting the colors rolling as we speak. After one final pass on the script, Chapter 12 thumbnail sketches were completed just yesterday- this chapter is going to be a whopper, 48 pages. There were just too many exciting things happening that I didn't want to constrain.

My next big goal is to roll on the Ch. 12 pencils, and nail 'em. But before I get lost in Pencilvania, I'm knocking out some miscellaneous tasks that need to get done:

  Write a Sneak Peek update, (hello), format V3 pages for the website, post something in the art accounts, finish commissions through 28, plan and launch an online marketing campaign, do the art and programming for the Vivid Publishing website, finalize submission criteria, vacuum, cook biscotti I'm pretty excited about that, finish the art for the current Mace Prelude arc and get a que ready of Bast Prelude comics, reply to e-mails and knock out some interviews, log package and mail orders, restock shipping supplies, oh yeah taxes with a captial 'T'. Uncle Sam needs to get paid for all this.

 I'm really excited about the current run of commission I'm in- it's more art for the Quick Xyk storyline:

 So, already, major fun. But on top of that, I've been hired to draft the narrative into an actual short story format- it's a blast so far! I'm looking forward to getting enough done that I can start sharing.


Lord Poohbah said...

I'm going to remember exactly one thing from this:


Beanie said...

I'm pretty sure I can see Igrath, power active, holding a big ass Gatling gun in those thumbnails. this, I like.