Friday, October 25, 2013

Poster Video & Goodies

Poster Video & Goodies

Our brand new Kickstarter-backed poster is in the works! Here’s a video update: 

  I’m really excited about how it’s shaping up- this poster may be the single most challenging piece I’ve ever worked on.

Meanwhile, Prelude Collection 1 is FINALLY with the printers! I packed in more extras and new art than I thought, and formatting the whole thing took forever. I’m told the proof copy will be ready in four weeks, and after that it’s only a matter of time until the entire batch is headed our way.
I’ve received a lot of questions about this- and yes, after I deliver to the Kickstarter backers, we WILL have plenty of Collection 1 books available to sell. Newsletter folks (you) will get the earliest crack at them.
Also, don’t miss out on the 2013 Halloween Fanart Contest- going on now!
There’s already dazzling spooky art on display- click on the image to see.
Anyone can still enter, and a free trick-or-treat sticker goes out to every entrant.
For anyone in the Michigan area, we’ll be dealing at the Youmacon convention next week! If you have the time, hop on out and say hi and we will say hi back and it will be incredible.
Rounding out this update, check out some awesome stuff from our readership!
At Dragoncon, we were surprised and excited to see the first ever Bast cosplayer!
Recently we were interviewed by Ezio - the transcript is up in the forum, and covers a range from early influences, the pitfalls of higher education, and the perrenially controversial subject of sexuality in comics.
And last but not least- have some kickass pixel art of Igrath created by Kaiseto! More in his gallery when you click the image.

In closing - general David status update:
Prelude Collection 1 - caught up.
Poster - getting rolling.
E-mails - actually pretty caught up now.
Art Accounts - abysmally behind.
If you’re trying to get in touch with me via the art accounts, I’m sorry for my delay- if it’s time sensitive, please send it to my e-mail instead! Thanks to everyone for hanging in there with us. 8 )


Anonymous said...


Elson Wong said...

I'll post my comment here instead of DA. :D

Dave I absolutely love watching your videos - they're fun, clever and insightful as always.

I appreciate the time and effort put into those videos (and the jokes - ha ha beer and tax time - hits a note with me, except the beer!), it's always cool to show the fans behinds the scenes stuff - a powerful tool to continue to engage the audience into your creations.

Great to see everything coming along well buddy. Looking forward to on passing the next e-mail from my end - been reading out loud more moments from Dreamkeepers Volume three - how I wish I had the time now to do some comic dramas out of them.

Oh and one of my best friend's birthday was just yesterday, her name's Evan Stanley and I decided to pass on my limited edition of the book to her (sad to depart the Whip doodle you sketched on the book but he'll keep watch over her - ha ha!), I'm sure she's gonna like it a lot!

Take care and keep up the awesome stuff, both you and Liz!

Kind regards,

Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong

P.S. Still wearing that funky hat, vest and tie combo - very nice. You changed the color of your tie and business tee! Impossible!! lol

And Liz is lookin' great with the cowboy hat - and that Bast cosplayer, I tip my hat to him (or her?) - great job! *thumbs up*