Thursday, August 15, 2013

V4 Sneak Peek #4: Prelude Book Collection! ….And Volume 4.

(PS- if you like video games, continue reading to the bottom of this blog, there are links.)

So, our Kickstarter…  Well that worked!

The backers are currently voting on design choices for a brand new DK poster, I’m creating the cover art and extra illustrations for the book collection, and we’re ordering the new merchandise- buttons, stickers, and Namah falling in 11 x 17 glory.

Some people have asked whether Prelude editions will be available for purchase to those that couldn’t participate in the Kickstarter.  The answer is yes!  After we deliver to our backers, there should be inventory leftover that I will then announce for sale in our site store.

Volume 4 is still rolling forward- it had to pull over into the slow lane so that the Prelude collection could roar towards production, but it’s still on the road.

We finished another round of script revisions for Chapters 11 and 12 last month, and last week finalized the Chapter 11 thumbnail layouts.   The closer this book gets to completion, the more exciting it is to work on!

I expect most of August to be spent polishing our Prelude edition, then we’ll be soaring off to Dragoncon.   Once we return and the collection is with the printers, V4 production will resume full steam ahead.

And before we end this update, it’s time for fun- the Reader Spotlight!

Ever wanted to see Mace’s head big, 3-D, and clay?
Now your desires are fulfilled.

An art project by Sukotto that came out awesome!

And, yes- a reader out there has created their own DK video game.  Play for yourself!

More on their mini-game and it’s production in our forum- they have an open call if anyone would like to lend a hand with them.

That’s all for the moment- more updates to come as summer concludes.

And for the artists in the audience, don’t forget- it’s getting to be that time of year again- the annual Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart Contest isn’t that far off!


Санат Капышев said...

Vi is so cute

Anonymous said...

Love it! Keep up the good work guys :)