Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sneak Peek #26: Finish Line

Time for a quick update on V3 progress!

All but ten pages of story are finished.  I’m pulling an average shading rate of 6 pages per week.    Factor in an extra couple of weeks for cover art, polishing, tweaks, and the book will be with the printers before Halloween.  

Volume 3 is on the verge of being print-ready.  …I can already feel the my sanity levels rising.

Usually we grab shipping supplies from Staples, but not for Volume 3.   Today we received beautiful, hulking boxes of bulk-ordered shipping supplies.  Combining our living quarters with a warehouse is kind of a fun experiment - and just in time to have company over!

Fortunately, everyone loves cardboard boxes.  We’ll make a maze or a fort to play in.  That’s business done right.

Once again, my reply rate with e-mails and art accounts has been sacrificed on the altar of Production.   Churning out V3, filling orders, restocking merchandise, and keeping a job nailed down doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room, and my slave-clone is turning out wrong in every way imaginable.

But despite that, I believe Volume 4 will be going *much* faster than Volume 3.  I’ll speculate more on that later- but for now, the end is finally in sight for the next installment of Dreamkeepers.

I think it’s going to be a fantastic holiday season.    


Chris said...

T_T Heyyy wheres all the goodies? I though there'd be more production samples.

Oh well, at least we know it'll be ready to ship earlier than the holiday season. Keep up the awesome work.

William Rodriguez said...

Great news! I'm sure volume 4 will be super fast compared to volume 3, With all that's happened over the development time for vol. 3 it's understandable that it took a while.

Keep up the great work guys, can't wait to see what is in store for us ^_^.

PS: Bit of a reminder to send my copies in a sturdy box with fragile on them, less the mailman decides to play tetris with them again xD, thanks again.

Johnathan Bull said...


Ian Sanderell said...

Since you guys are doing this well, how long will preorders be open? I can't wait!! :)

Angela Entzminger said...

A house full of boxes is fun. You'll love it!

Alterego911 said...

Hey, wil V3 be on Graphicly when it is finished?

Rycr said...

Wonderful news! I can't wait to read V3! And it's good to hear that V4 won't take as long.

Theo Seraphimus said...

Since nobody is asking the important questions, Can we have photos of the box maze?