Monday, September 12, 2011

Sneak Peek #22: David Heaven - Blank Paper.

And, after months of procrastination, I FINALLY caught up with my e-mail inbox today! That question you asked in July has now been definitively answered.

…I’m still waiting for it to rain medals outside.

My reply rate would likely be better, save for my dark, all-encompassing obsession of the past few months:

No, not that one -Volume 3 penciling.

I don’t have much to say at present, but progress is going good! Over 3/4 of Chapter 8 is now completely penciled and in the early coloring stages. I plan to have the all drawing for Ch. 8 finished by Halloween.

A few of our Prelude sketch updates were requested in a non-vanishing form, so along with those here are some samples of what’s been cooking:

Since I’m at a good point for a brief intermission, I’m taking care of some side-errands: E-mails, the fabulous Sneak Peek update you’re currently enjoying, creating the annual Halloween art, designing this year’s mystery sticker, hosting the contest rules, knocking out a couple of commissions, a small run of Preludes, and that assassination I‘ve been putting off.

So for a couple of weeks I’ll be attending to my grab bag of ‘you-should-really-be-doing-more-than-just-Volume-3-drawing-David-and-when-is-the-last-time-you-shaved’ items.

But once those are done, it’ll be time to finish the pencils on Chapter 8, and jump at last into the final Chapter of the book.

…That would be Chapter 9, for anyone of the non-counting persuasion.

In the meanwhile, keep an eye on our blog for the upcoming Halloween announcements, and watch our art accounts to see the appearance of our first completed commission.


Anonymous said...

This volume looks like it will be mad straight.

Suraru said...

wai wai wai wai wait!

Did he say assassination?!?!?! D:

deltron zero said...

Oh please, you can admit that you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, we all had to come to terms that we are in love with a little girl's T.V. show

Oseirus said...

Short, but oh-so-sweet. I love it.

Crazy lookin' palace guard is crazy lookin'.

JordanMast3R said...

I'm with Suraru, assasination anyone?