Thursday, July 7, 2011

15-Second Commercial!

First, the best news I could hope to share - Liz has recovered and is back home from the hospital! Thank you again to everyone for the support and goodwill we've received - words are inadequate to encapsulate my gratitude.
I asked the doctors to cast a charm on us warding off evil and guaranteeing eternal vitality, but it turns out that's not specifically covered in medical school. They couldn't even give us any health potions. So though adversity may not be eternally banished, we've generally got the hang of working around it and getting things done regardless.
And speaking of getting things done, slightly-less-but-still-exciting-and-skippy-good-news: Our 15-second commercial animation is finished!

For a brief blast of animation, click thus:

It's a relief to have it completed. Especially in light of my old articles
exhorting the importance of effective marketing, I now feel less like a hypocritical loud-mouth. I'm just your every-day average loudmouth.
Admittedly this commercial took way longer to produce than I originally estimated... Partially due to 'Fun-Tyme With Life Events!' but also largely because I was too optimistic in calculating the workload.
I have to offer profuse thanks to the Association of Seven for their help on the production - without them, I'd still be coloring frame after frame, thinking to myself, "I wish I had a bunch of badass art ninjas to do my dirty work for me." But instead, I'm back to something that really puts a gleam in my eye -

- penciling Volume 3.

I just finished the second scene of Chapter 8, and with no more distracting commercials or commissions, we're rolling on the rest of the book non-stop until it's done. Though we had originally planned to open Pre-Orders this summer, we have decided to hold off until more of the book is completed - we’ll be sure to announce when that time approaches!

Not that it will be terribly soon - we've still got the rest of Ch. 8 to pencil, all of it to color & shade, and all of Chapter 9 to tackle, which is over 40 pages in and of itself. But production will at least proceed unfettered from here on out. Keep an eye on our twitter, we'll announce the next Sneak Peek of production progress there.

Meanwhile, it's time to plaster this commercial all over creation.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, impressive ad! Fun to pause and see what I missed the first (few :-) times through.

MacMit said...

This is on a much different level than the Animated Pitch. Congrats on finishing!

Anonymous said...

It has become very important to get a high-quality still of vi/scinter from the commercial. Please grant me this boon so my life may be more complete.

Anonymous said...

i want moar! loop some scenes, i want moar!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. The animation is so... smooth! Looks great!

But I'm glad Liz is back home, too! Welcome back! ^^

I shall be forging just such a charm for you guys. ;)

T4h10n said...

How much money would it cost to get you started on a pilot episode. Money to hire people to voice cast, draw ect...?