Thursday, May 19, 2011


For the first time ever, Dreamkeepers has official T-shirts! Swing by our site to check out the dozens of designs:

Though originally I was planning on designing very promotion-oriented shirts, when I finally sat down to draw, none of those designs struck me as fun. Who wants to walk around with a giant web-address pasted across their chest? All that invites is dangerous finger-poking from those who misunderstand reality. Instead, I tried to create shirts that would actually be fun to wear around. The designs are bold and colorful, but don't utterly dominate the entire outfit - just enough to add a touch of animation-reminiscent flair. If you look through our selection, I hope you can find a design that fits your tastes. And, actually, our shirts are customizable.
If you visit our Printfection store
you can choose from 32 shirt colors to customize your design choice. And if you'd like our designs on a black or white shirt, we also print through IndyPlanet.

We've been wanting to have shirts available for years, so it's nice to finally have everything set up. 8 D

One note: We will NOT be stocking shirts at conventions since it’s tricky trying to guess which sizes people may want, and we don’t have the space to cover our table with every shirt design and size, so if you’re interested these are available exclusively online.


Anonymous said...

Hi David -- thanks for the update.

It's a really minor thing, but could you please find out how to make your links... links? It's kind of sad, in 2011, to have to mouse a URL off a page to visit something that's supposed to be making you money. We're your fans, we'll do it, but it's kind of... sad.

And minor, yeah... :-)

Anonymous said...

Just copy and paste it into your link lazy ass

Micah said...

I love the shirts, but it would be good if I could resize the images on them. They're so small. :-\