Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sneak Peek #14: 30 pages of progress

I've been drawing fast and furious over the last week or two, and 30 full pages of Volume 3 pencils are finally finished and in various stages of color!

Now, in a NORMAL Dreamkeepers book, 30 pages would be an entire Chapter. One down, two to go. But this is no normal book. Crammed to the brim with story, action, and (soon to be) full color, Volume 3's chapters are a bit more formidable to tackle. At the 30-page mark, Chapter 7 is still only about 2/3rds of the way there.

But fear not - We're on a roll, so the progress should be strong 'n steady from here on out. Plus, we've found a color assistant willing to work with us for free.

Oddly enough, it doesn't seem to be speeding things along much at all.

But despite our lackluster cohort, Liz and I are now working to get some color and glitz layered into the first run of pages. In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for some new finished colors and pencils as we work to complete the Mega-Chapter.

We'll be taking a quick break later in June for Anthrocon - if you're around Pittsburgh, be sure to check us out! We'll have 1,000 posters in need of a good home for anyone that wants them. This'll be your last chance to snag a poster for free, so be sure to show up or send a delegate whom you trust implicitly.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again!

And this new volume sounds amazing. If it truly is as you claim it to be, I'm going to need a respirator while reading it. No seriously. ಠ_ಠ

I assume the next volume will be finished in no time, considering your ecsquisite color artiste at your service. Good luck with your further work! :D

- Lasi

Anonymous said...

Someone get that gator some art lessons.

Anonymous said...

Uhh i can't really.....nvm listen i like your comics i was going through the links in another comic and well i found this i looked at the prelude comic first it was pretty cool so then i got the book 1 and book 2 and that part with dang what was her name well mace's friend that died well i so knew that was coming i have looked at a lot of comics and tv shows and well i can expect a lot of stuff im over doing this so uhh great comics thats all Mr.zombie out

Lupin the Vapour said...

That picture of Namah is AWESOME! XD She and Wisp are neck and neck for my favorite character in the continuity, and Namah's my easy pick for the Prelude. You're doing good work here, don't let anybody ever tell you different.