Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4-20-2010 V3 Sneak Peek #11: Rolling

Purgatory is cleared - time to go to hell!

As the colors above hint, all distractions have been quietly assassinated, and Volume 3 production is once again our sole creative focus.

And boy, does it feel good! Within a week, I’ll have some new pencils to show in here - and after I get a scene or so sketched up, I can resume shading & complete the opening pages. Finally, some finished work will begin piling up.

It was a longer than expected road getting to this point, but there were a few artistic errands we wanted to run before settling permanently into book-mode. For instance, we’ve been wanting to make Dreamkeepers posters available for a long time now, so we went ahead and finished a nice pair for release this summer. They’ll be 11x17, and filled with sparkles:

Of course, the sparkles are not yet in evidence on the lineart above. But trust me, they’ll be there. We’ll post final art a bit closer to the printing date.

So in closing, thanks go everyone for being so patient with us while we’ve been working behind the scenes getting things set up! From here on out, the wait for Volume 3 will be spiced with behind-the-scenes art, as well as the knowledge that it actually is getting done. To signify our promise of more to come, enjoy below some of our meticulously drafted concept work created in the process of developing the book:

I’m not certain, but I *think* it’s Scinter and Igrath… Partying with the popper from the ‘Trouble’ game.

…I forget which scene this is for.


Kat R said...

The top image is so creepy and dark, very awesome. Diging the line arts too and man...you can just feel the creative genius in that last sketch XD
(I'm always glad to see other people sketch in unintelligible ways too)

The Tofunator said...

Sweet, can't wait for Volume 3 to arrive!

Lis said...

Looking forward to more from you guys! Like the blocks of color and then showing it with the pencils. Very cool line arts with all the characters. Hahaha I'm with Kat R about the last sketch. Glad to see how other people interpret random sketches.