Monday, March 22, 2010

Sneak Peek #10: Thaw

I had this irrational feeling that spring couldn't come until the Volume 1 and 2 corrections were finished. Sure enough, as soon as the final tweaks were completed, we were rewarded with a pleasant, invigorating thaw. Again, that magical time of the year when I can hurl bread at geese has arrived.

It certainly feels magical to me. Or rather, as though some binding curse has been lifted. Back in the fall, I thought a month would be all it took to polish off the fixes in both books. Ah, Past David, so young. So naive.

Last winter, I was saddled full time with commissions. This time around, it was an endless tundra of corrections, with Volume 3 frozen tragically in mid production, like a clapping Neanderthal in a block of ice.

...Stop second-guessing my analogies.

Finally clearing this last hurdle feels absolutely great: The grand task of getting our website to 'good enough' status, started last September, is concluding. Digital book sales will be announced soon, as well as our fun-packed Page Comparing Contest. So fun, it's capitalized!

I'm currently attending a laundry list of minor tasks - things that I know I'll never take the time for once Volume 3 production is steaming ahead. Over the next week or two I’ll be retooling the horizontal-format site navbars so they match the verticals, finishing that quickie LOL-Wisp illustration from last year, hosting the Dreamkeepers Facebook page, posting the foreign language links, doing taxes, etc, etc... And also creating some art for the Anime Punch convention. I was pleasantly surprised this year when they let me know there was still room in the artist's alley, so I signed up and drew this for their table discount:

Plus, I have to admit I was just itching to draw after such a marathon of less glamorous work. I've been doing Dreamkeepers exclusively for years now, and was curious to see if I could still play chameleon with other styles, like I did during my freelance days. Going for the straightforward anime look was fun for a spot of variety.

Anime Punch is in early April. By then, V3 production should be completely thawed and rolling, with no turning back.


The said...

Will the next printings of volumes 1 & 2 have the corrections?

David Lillie said...

Probably not the very next printings- but over the summer/fall, they'll gradually get phased in. I'll probably announce it somewhere when we do the shift, so people know.