Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sparkle Power ACTIVATE!

After a few weeks of effort, and the obligatory 'David vs. technical competence' overtime round, new website pages are at last live!

If you're like me, obsessively fixated on turning Dreamkeepers into a viable career, then you'll want to dash over to the site and assess the new pages immediately. If not, well... They are pretty! Sparkly, with rollover buttons and... Sparkles. Did I mention sparkles? Whatever site you were thinking of hopping to today, I guarantee mine will have more glittery stuff, or your money back. That's right - all of it.

I'm especially pleased with the visuals on the 'Graphic novel' Volume 1 & 2 pages, and their nifty little sample page viewers.

'Shiny Factor' appeal aside, the site now actually has updates worth checking on aside from the weekly comic: Our Twitter feed (Yes, we have fallen victim to the fad- It's easier for Liz to throw a drive-by into Twitter than for us to actually sit down and formally update the web page constantly) is streamed onto the new 'news' page, so for those wishing to avoid the frivolity of a Twitter account, you can still check on our occasional updates. Also, there's a status sidebar indicating book stock and commission status, links to book reviews online, and 'Behind the Scenes' now doubles as a convenient online hub, linking to various Dreamkeepers accounts, articles, videos, and groups online. Also makes chili and fries.

Although I'm very pleased with the current round of upgrades, the site has a few lame pages, dead galleries, and renovations pending... And I'm still trying to think of some way to get subliminal messbuyages into the design. The next major tweak will be to enable digital graphic novel sales, hopefully by August. My time estimate here is a tad iffy, since I have utterly no idea what in the hell I'm doing.

But first, I'm refocusing my efforts on Volume 3 progress. Collecting all the reader quotes and reviews for the new web pages was tremendously encouraging, and is motivating me to make some strides producing the next book.

Not that I've been completely neglecting Volume 3 lately... I've been working steadily on the next scene, which involves designing and assembling a very complex interior setting... Think if Disney were designing an Aztec themed dance / strip club. There should be a Sneak Peek behind the scenes with concept development sketches soon.

*Sigh* yes... Themed strip clubs. My noble aspirations drive me incessantly to ever greater heights of artistic and literary achievement.

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