Tuesday, May 19, 2009

V3 Sneak Peak 2: Drawing Monsters

At long last, I'm tackling the next edition of Dreamkeepers in earnest... And let me tell you, it feels good. I've been away from my cartoon crack for far, far too long.

Now pencils are really rolling forward on Chapter 7 - I've just finished drawing the first scene of the story, which ran about 6 pages. The opening involves monsters - lots and lots of monsters. Big, small, pointy, flabby, grim, goofy, humanoid, animalistic, hideous - I was really trying to convey a wide range of morphology. The goal is to distinguish each beast as being it's own individual, as possessing particular physical features. Who needs more monotonous orc armies? It's been done to death, and I want to have unlimited options and deformities available to me when creating beasts.

I have such a good time drawing creepies... It really reminds me of my artistic roots, my first major project when I was four or five. Up until then, I was just doodling whatever came to mind, without much real direction... And then I saw “The Real Ghostbusters“.

I was enamored with the cartoon immediately, and rather than draw Venkman or Egon (ever) I scrawled page upon page of monsters and ghouls. No scrap of paper was safe - junk mail was promptly flipped and transformed into a canvas of horrors.
Not only was I fascinated with illustrating creatures at a tender age, but I was also led closer to the spectrum of publishing... With the help of my Mom, my irregular stack of monster drawings was bound with twine between crayoned cardboard covers, and there was my very first book.

It sucked - the drawings were pretty terrible. I doubt I could have gotten it published. Plus the obvious copyright issues. 'Ghostbusters, by David Lillie age 5' - Hello, lawsuit. Heh - actually, I would love to read a news story about a company suing a toddler for copyright infringement.

As I sit here drawing monsters and making books, and look back on myself age 5, drawing monsters and making books, it does stir the thoughts a bit:

Do we really change that much, essentially, from who we are at birth?

Is it possible that we really do have pre-determined paths?

And, most importantly - why in the hell did I blow all that money I didn't have going to college? Absolutely the stupidest decision of my entire life... But that's a whole other blog.

Here are some sample pics and sketches:

Now I'm starting pencils on the next scene, but I'm taking a break to get a few web pages on the Dreamkeepers site revised. The old 'Graphic novel' page is so sad, it makes weathered steely-eyed assassins cry when they see it. Must reduce the suck.

Also, check back here soon - I'll be posting my review for Tracy Butler's new book release 'Lackadaisy Volume 1'. It's worth reading! The book, I mean. My review's okay, but you could probably miss it and live to see another day.



Peach said...

They are adorable :D

RedFox said...

Creative and unique...just like you said!

lampshade said...

College? BLEGH. I find them mostly unnecessary. ESPECIALLY the art classes which teach you almost nothing useful.

Tygepc said...

It sounds and looks awesome so far. I can't wait to see the site revisions.

Lis said...

Sahweet! Can't wait to see it all! Best of luck and keep up the great work! <333