Monday, August 25, 2008

The Inbox Blues

I enjoy drawing, writing, coloring, and making coffee so much, that sometimes it’s very easy to just wait one more day to reply to e-mails….

And then, two weeks later, I’ve got a mountain of correspondence – thoughtful and brief inquiries that I’ve been blowing off for way too long.

Well, it’s time to get crackin’!

Which is why I’m getting distracted on my blog… Hello!

Liz’s e-mail responsibilities entail collecting, logging, and notating all of our order info. Interestingly, her duties always seem to done in a timely manner. Maybe I should clone her. Then again, another reason to…. Never mind, heh.

She probably shouldn’t be handling my workload right now anyways, seeing as she had a Tegu hanging off her finger earlier. Her skin’s pretty much intact, but that creature needs some more handling. Evil, evil, evil – pure evil, wrapped in a tubular form. I should let him run for public office… Ever since we put that Chinese dragon sculpture in his aquarium, he’s had such the ego.

Anyways – this is supposed to be some semblance of an update on stuff.

I’ve been getting Chapter 7 thumbnail layouts done – almost half the chapter is thumbnailed out now. Commissions are gearing up – fun! It’s been such a long time since I had commissions open online, I’m having a blast with all the different ideas. To keep some momentum on book work, I’m alternating. A few commissions done, then switching to a few more page layouts, and back again.

In the midst of this, my little Prelude backlog dried up, and I struck bottom. Had to jump on the next strip, but it’s drawn out and should be done about on time.

Website work has taken a back-burner to this other stuff, but I still want to get the new Vivid page up this week. That way, I can have somewhere to direct retailers and dealers for book sales and information.

In other news, I met with some library people this past week about doing a presentation at the local high school this fall. I’m really excited about that! I don’t know if I’m a fitting paragon for success or anything… Working a night-job while I pursue my aspirations. But, things are going rather well – and I am very happy! Hard to put a price on that. For my presentation, I want to incorporate a lot of video, visuals, and hopefully get my speech content to be entertaining. I don’t want to get up there and bore everyone to death – but hopefully if I’m engaging enough, my nifty little life lessons might sink in. I’m just looking forward to getting up in a public school and telling students they need to think for themselves and question things. Maybe the walls will ignite. Damnit, now my hopes are up.

Well, back to e-mails, and blocking out reminders of my neglected art accounts...


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